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13 Feb

Day one again, Alls well today. Absolutely wrecked after work! I was supposed to go to the gym tonight but decided against it. I arrived home after 8 and just wasn’t feeling it 😛

Anywho, breakfast 7.30am was three almonds and two hard boiled eggs.



Snack at about 12pm was small bag popcorn


Lunch at about 2pm was a salad similar to the picture, lots of greens chicken ham and basil pesto.


Dinner was about 8.30pm whole wheat pasta with veg and a vegetable tomato sauce.


I also had a snack of a cracker with cheese.


I’m looking forward to tomorrow, the bf is cooking! 🙂



WIAW- but it’s Thursday…

7 Feb

So I got my days all confused all day yesterday I thought it was Tuesday, so today is wiaw. I’m on holiday staying a hotel and you know what that means, buffet breakfast! So I was bold.



They had this pancake machine so I couldn’t resist! They are the two smallest pancakes ever, and yes that is syrup on them. Woops oh well. I also had a tomato, half a sausage, two poached eggs and a black pudding.



That’s two mini soft tacos and a mixed salad. So yum.



A starter sized portion of prawn and crab linguini. Wow it was absolutely delish!

My legs are wrecked after a day of walking and exploring. 🙂


30 Jan

Hi all, couldn’t bring myself to blog yesterday. Ugh. Back to work today, which was good. I’m lucky to actually enjoy my job. With out further a due, wiaw.



Protein shake , lots of hot water and tea on the go.



Corn cakes with tomato and avocado. Ala sweetcheeks.


Pop corn



Tuna, sweet corn, Greek yogurt with rye crackers and salad.

Later I will probably have a herbal tea and a few nuts.


Still eating too much

23 Jan

I’m not binging but eating waaaay too much. I just grazed and grazed So the wiaw is a touch… Inaccurate! To say the least.

Breakfast; protein pancakes, yogurt green tea water.


Lunch banana and quinoa, cauliflower curry.


Snacks among many other things two apples.


Dinner chicken stir fry


I know where I want to go I know how to get there but just can’t seem to manage it… 😦

What I ate Thursday.

17 Jan

Booked lots of work over the next few weeks so I’m delighted!

Now with no further a due what I ate today.


Breakfast: green tea on the go, two large glasses of hot water. Chocolate protein porridge, made with 20g oats, 10 g wheat bran and 20g of chocolate protein powder. Made with water and a splash of milk at the end.

An apple as a snack.


And for lunch:


Salad with spinach as the base and quinoa broccoli and kale mix on top with some roast chicken and a bag of popcorn.

For dinner.


I’m not sure if it looks like it but its a small to medium sized portion of spaghetti Bol homemade with plenty of veg and whole wheat penne.

Desert a small bit of natural yogurt and cooked berries.


I’m not sure if that looks like a lot of food or not but hey that’s what I had.

I am going to start what I ate Wednesday’s!

16 Jan

Hey! I’ve decided to start what I ate Wednesdays. Wiaw is common enough with bloggers whereby you photograph exactly what you at on Wednesday and post it to your blog. The one catch , today I didn’t photograph any food so I will start tomorrow with a what I ate Thursday!

Tonight I’m off to see les mis, can NOT wait! Wahay cinema special €5- what a deal!

Might weigh myself soon, though, I fear I may also chicken out. Stupid weighing scales, numbers are meaningless but still have a major grip on my mood. Ugh.

Still on the job hunt, 5 applications to date so hopefully, something will crop up soon. 😀 xx

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