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Round two is going really well

17 Feb

Wow I’ve been doing great not half the cravings I had the last time I tried no sugar. I have been doing well and feel good. Wahay. I still have a long way to go. I don’t feel as good as I wish too I don’t eat as “healthy” as I wish too, mainly due to simply eating too much and grazing. Even though the grazing is non sugar it tends to be nut, carb and dairy heavy. Basically I’m eating calorie dense foods, which will not help me reach my weight loss goal. I guess I will have to find my feet before I can make real changes in this area.

Gymed it today but my left knee is so sore, no idea why. When I run I usually go at about 9-9.5km/hour with and incline of 1-1.5. I can walk along fine or jog very lightly but once I go to my normal running pace my knee goes funny gets sore and I have to hobble along until the treadmill stops. I warm up well and stretch before I start running, and I’m not running like mad all the time so I just don’t understand it.



Arriving at work only to be sent home.

5 Feb

It snowed last night, yay, if you live in any country, but Ireland. We’re never prepared for anything here, roads not gritted, motorways full of cars going 50km per hour and city roads completely clogged. I guess the country motto “ah sure it’ll be grand” it extremely fitting. I must say I’m a bit of a hypocrite, last night in my home from work I put on my windscreen washers and they were out of sudsy H2O. What did I do? Fill them immediately? No, I uttered the aforementioned phrase to myself and carried on, needless to say, my windscreen was a total wreck on my way to work this morning. I had to pull over on the country’s busiest road ( okay its only a four lane-er, we’ve got small roads here) to fill up with a handy, half empty, sports bottle of water. Not safe, not warm and so so silly.

It took over an hour to get to work on fairly treacherous roads, only to find three pharmacists already on duty. 😦 I was sent home. Which is good in a way, but I don’t have a lot of work currently so each day helps.

Any who I made the most of it, I went to the gym for a nice light workout, I got my hair did and I donated blood. Yay me! Such a lovely day.


That’s my new hair, I got a four inch chop! Then I had my packed lunch at home and it was yummy salad with a lovely big dollop of pesto!


I’m off to Wales tomorrow for two nights can’t wait!

A no fruit day… WHAT?!

24 Jan

I didn’t eat fruit today, so happy wasn’t too bad had an evening snack of a cracker with cheese. Woop! Happy out.

Still eating too much

23 Jan

I’m not binging but eating waaaay too much. I just grazed and grazed So the wiaw is a touch… Inaccurate! To say the least.

Breakfast; protein pancakes, yogurt green tea water.


Lunch banana and quinoa, cauliflower curry.


Snacks among many other things two apples.


Dinner chicken stir fry


I know where I want to go I know how to get there but just can’t seem to manage it… 😦

Hanging on in there

22 Jan

Just hanging in there a few days in work got taken back so I have fewer days in work this month 😦 hello broketown. My cauliflower curry was hot, delish and kept my going! Weigh in 8st 11.4 this am.


Cooking healthy yummy food is so satisfying

21 Jan

Well I bit the bullet and weighed myself – 8st 11.6lbs, meh, my weight fluctuates, who cares?! I’ve mainly got to work on eating a healthy balanced diet and having happy feelings toward myself and my body.

Today I cooked some lovely dishes, cauliflower and mixed vegetable curry and a veg packed spicy chilli.

Curry ingredients:
Cauliflower, garlic, onions, kale, green beans, yellow pepper, stock and quinoa

Spices: paprika, cumin, garam masala, chilli powder, coriander, ginger- I think that’s it.

I Sautéed onions and garlic until soft.



Added the kale and steam, then added all veg allowed to cook for about ten minutes. Then i added all of the spices and stock. Allowed it to Simmer for 20 minutes and added the cooked quinoa.



And there is my lunch for the next four days. Also as you can see I made a delicious chilli too, I can’t wait to tuck into it tonight for dinner.

I went for a 5km jog/walk today. It took 35ins and burned 230kcal.

Feeling good, I had a great shower, moisturised and gave myself a curly blow dry! Took forever but worth it feeling very pampered now 🙂


Terrified of weighing myself

20 Jan

I’m a binge eater and I’m terrified of weighing myself. There I said it, the truths out there and can not be unsaid.

Why do I binge eat?
I cannot easily answer that question, but a few things I have noticed are:

1. When I’m eating it feels great, a release, total relaxation, immediately after I feel guilty, fat, horrible, a failure and utterly worthless- the negative feelings are MUCH stronger than the positive ones.

2. I binge on carbs- ooh bread, cereal, biscuits, chocolate and toast with jam. I think this is fairly normal though. It seems as though these are the most common binge foods. They are the most easily broken down by the body, they cause a rush of dopamine and serotonin (the happy, feel good hormones). It is this rush that causes the addiction, the feeling good and the crash, awful feelings afterward!

3. Sugar makes the binges more intense, more frequent and just worse in general. Since I have begun restricting sugar intake the binges are less frequent and easier to over come though they are still present. This blog has sincerely helped also.

4. I binge eat when I’m feeling hungry or down about almost anything. If I’m hungry and I eat something I shouldn’t have e.g. Chips I think “oh well might as well just eat everything in the house now”. I crave a binge when I don’t feel good about something in my life. If work is stressful, if I make an error at work or have a patient complaint I just feel awful. I tell myself I’m not cut out for it or good enough. Then I think if I can’t do “x” I can’t keep my diet, so why bother, if fat and useless and don’t deserve to feel good about myself. If I meet friends and they look good i feel terrible about myself and I have very attractive friends. If I look at a look at photos of people I know or celebrities that look thin and gorgeous I feel bad and crave a binge. I can see now as I read this that, this cycle is nonsense. I am good at my job, I’m attractive, slim and I can do anything I set my mind to. I deserve to be happy and feel good about myself.

5. Ending the cycle takes time. Before Christmas I was binging three or four times per week- since starting this blog I have binged three times. Three times in almost a month. That is great progress, for me. Lent starts in February and its quite a big thing here-though most people don’t believe in god or go to church a lot of people renew New Years resolutions for lent. I know I will have support with my goals for those six weeks because lots of us will be in it together. My goal is to be binge free totally by then, that way I can focus on eating a healthy diet and sticking to an exercise plan.

Getting back to being terrified of weighing myself, I just can’t face it. I hate even the thought of weighing myself. I hate it for the reasons outlined in point 4. This has gone beyond a joke. I’m a grown up afraid of a scale, seriously. I could weigh anything with a ten pound leeway, that’s bad I’m in denial at the minute- no I haven’t gained weight/ I don’t look like I gained weight/ my clothes still fit. I have to be honest and have accountability. My plan- shower and change in the mornings in the bathroom with the scales, not in my en-suite. I’m sure the bf will be happy, I’m not waking him at the crack of dawn, every morning. I am also going to join a nearby gym in February once I get paid. It’s cheap enough €200 euros per year- I just hope I can use all gyms in the chain, one gym near work and another near home.

My gosh this is a long post but to be honest, I need the therapy!

This is out!!


This is in !!!


Keep on going

2 Jan

Today has been good, however, I am still eating a small amount of refined sugar. Sadly, I can’t quite bring myself to cut it out altogether. I seriously wish I could find the determination to stop but for right now I’m working on breaking the binge cycle.

Habit breaking has been going well, I’ve managed a full week (major) binge free. I’ve slipped up, but pulled it back. Can’t wait to be free from this awful, harmful cycle. I will free myself!

Today, Breakfast was porridge half a banana, lunch was smoked salmon with veggies a no added sugar yogurt and apple, dinner will be healthy homemade fajitas. I also had two biscuits, which I didn’t want but couldn’t resist.

I seriously hope this gets easier because its very hard now. 😦

Day two…. Come on I can do it…

29 Dec

Day two no binge! Woohoo I really wanted to binge today and did give in a little with some fruit cake- which was the only sugar or refined foods I had today. For me that is a total success absolutely delighted with myself.

Break fast consisted of One weetabix with low fat milk and a small bite of lean turkey. Lunch was a medley no sweet stuff and largely healthy, snack of apple and fruit cake, dinner pork and bean casserole.

I worked out a bit and kept very active- shopping in the sales. Got some serious bargains. Whoop

Weighted In this am – 8 st 11 lbs 😦 i don’t know how that happened but hey Im going to be fit and healthy from here on out!

Tomorrow won’t be so easy on my own all day ill be dying to binge…

Day one

29 Dec

Hmmmm today went well I didn’t binge, wanted to, but didn’t give in. Which in itself is progress.

I had weetabix and low fat milk for breakfast, hummus carrots and an apple for lunch, a baked potato and mince meat in home made tomatoe sauce with veg for dinner . All very good, happy out. However I also had another apple, a slice of brown bread and a biscuit.

We had such a busy and great day in work I’m not too upset about still not managing one day without sugar.

I’ll do a workout and weight in tomorrow.

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