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Day two (again)

14 Feb

Today went fine, yummy dinner made by the bf. chicken stuffed with sage and onion stuffing and dauphinoise potatoes! Nom non non…


Feeling a bit down

11 Feb

Lent begins on Wednesday, and so does my no sugar round two. If you couldn’t tell my quest had become somewhat lacklustre in the last week or two. I however broken some life long bad habits. I have stopped eating biscuits after dinner and I am not half as dependant on sugar as I was before this journey began. As of Wednesday I will begin logging and tracking my intake because I haven’t been taking responsibility for what I have been eating, leading to me feeling lethargic and down. 😦

I have actually been a bit depressed in the last few days, (sparked by silly things) then I begin feeling insecure and emotionally hungry. I eat too much, then I feel fat. It’s a bloody cycle.

I met some friends on Sunday, who I absolutely LOVE but by the end of the day I felt like heifer. They are great but super slim and very into their health and weight, which is great but just makes me so self-conscious.

Today, I honestly felt as though I had gained a stone over the last couple of days. One day I feel slim and attractive the next I feel huge and hideous. It’s ludicrous really! I don’t know, I don’t feel as though I have anyone that I could truly confide in and trust, that I want to talk to- once I’ve talked about it that person will always know that I have got serious issues. I’m not a fan of highlighting my weakness’. I have started toying with the idea of going to talk to someone about my low self esteem .


WIAW- but it’s Thursday…

7 Feb

So I got my days all confused all day yesterday I thought it was Tuesday, so today is wiaw. I’m on holiday staying a hotel and you know what that means, buffet breakfast! So I was bold.



They had this pancake machine so I couldn’t resist! They are the two smallest pancakes ever, and yes that is syrup on them. Woops oh well. I also had a tomato, half a sausage, two poached eggs and a black pudding.



That’s two mini soft tacos and a mixed salad. So yum.



A starter sized portion of prawn and crab linguini. Wow it was absolutely delish!

My legs are wrecked after a day of walking and exploring. 🙂


6 Feb

I’m in Cardiff. Wow it’s lovely here, but freezing. Today we went to Cardiff castle, millennium stadium and had a beautiful carrot soup for lunch . I ate scrambled eggs for breakfast and soup for lunch, looking forward to a nice dinner out tonight. I wish I had photographed my lunch to share with you! It cam in a little pot with mini salt and pepper grinders and brown bread in a paper bag, so cute. Ugh tomorrow is wiaw and buffet breakfast what am I gonna do?



Arriving at work only to be sent home.

5 Feb

It snowed last night, yay, if you live in any country, but Ireland. We’re never prepared for anything here, roads not gritted, motorways full of cars going 50km per hour and city roads completely clogged. I guess the country motto “ah sure it’ll be grand” it extremely fitting. I must say I’m a bit of a hypocrite, last night in my home from work I put on my windscreen washers and they were out of sudsy H2O. What did I do? Fill them immediately? No, I uttered the aforementioned phrase to myself and carried on, needless to say, my windscreen was a total wreck on my way to work this morning. I had to pull over on the country’s busiest road ( okay its only a four lane-er, we’ve got small roads here) to fill up with a handy, half empty, sports bottle of water. Not safe, not warm and so so silly.

It took over an hour to get to work on fairly treacherous roads, only to find three pharmacists already on duty. 😦 I was sent home. Which is good in a way, but I don’t have a lot of work currently so each day helps.

Any who I made the most of it, I went to the gym for a nice light workout, I got my hair did and I donated blood. Yay me! Such a lovely day.


That’s my new hair, I got a four inch chop! Then I had my packed lunch at home and it was yummy salad with a lovely big dollop of pesto!


I’m off to Wales tomorrow for two nights can’t wait!

TGIF: thank god it’s February!

1 Feb

Oh my oh my January was the longest most boring month on record, I’m pretty sure that because I was only working about an average 30 hours per week as opposed to the usual 40-45. On the plus side is February now which means, it’s gym joining time. Woohoo.
Here’s a pick of me in my running in the cold clothes…


The gym is pretty nice, I’m off work at 5pm tomorrow so I’ll nip over after work to sign up and work out. My plan is to work out Sunday and Tuesday too, because I’m away Wednesday to Friday. Then get into a regular pattern, of three to four times per week.

Sugar free is going okay I’m not really hardcore about it tbh, but I think I’ll plod along as I am until Lent then kick it up a notch.

Looking forward to pay day, come on the 6th. 🙂

Road trip.

27 Jan

I’ve signed my self up for a 10km in April… Yes, for real. By April I will be able to run 10km! I can’t believe it, I can’t wait to be able to run and not feel like absolute death.

Going away for a night with two of my girlfriends. It’s a seriously fancy pants hotel and I can’t wait! It’s in a city about 2.5hours drive. I’m just so excited.

Still not taking sugar, the meal out last night was a challenge, we went back to a friends house after and there were tea biscuits and cakes. I wanted a biscuit with my tea but didn’t bother and then the craving passed. Woop!


Another good workout

26 Jan

Had another good run/walk/run, today so enjoyable. Strength training after too, had me feeling like a million dollars and cutting out the fruit has seriously helped me eliminate sugar and feel good/ not deprived about it.

Just heading out for dinner with some girl friends. I’m in the mood for fish, yumm, can’t wait!

Terrified of weighing myself

20 Jan

I’m a binge eater and I’m terrified of weighing myself. There I said it, the truths out there and can not be unsaid.

Why do I binge eat?
I cannot easily answer that question, but a few things I have noticed are:

1. When I’m eating it feels great, a release, total relaxation, immediately after I feel guilty, fat, horrible, a failure and utterly worthless- the negative feelings are MUCH stronger than the positive ones.

2. I binge on carbs- ooh bread, cereal, biscuits, chocolate and toast with jam. I think this is fairly normal though. It seems as though these are the most common binge foods. They are the most easily broken down by the body, they cause a rush of dopamine and serotonin (the happy, feel good hormones). It is this rush that causes the addiction, the feeling good and the crash, awful feelings afterward!

3. Sugar makes the binges more intense, more frequent and just worse in general. Since I have begun restricting sugar intake the binges are less frequent and easier to over come though they are still present. This blog has sincerely helped also.

4. I binge eat when I’m feeling hungry or down about almost anything. If I’m hungry and I eat something I shouldn’t have e.g. Chips I think “oh well might as well just eat everything in the house now”. I crave a binge when I don’t feel good about something in my life. If work is stressful, if I make an error at work or have a patient complaint I just feel awful. I tell myself I’m not cut out for it or good enough. Then I think if I can’t do “x” I can’t keep my diet, so why bother, if fat and useless and don’t deserve to feel good about myself. If I meet friends and they look good i feel terrible about myself and I have very attractive friends. If I look at a look at photos of people I know or celebrities that look thin and gorgeous I feel bad and crave a binge. I can see now as I read this that, this cycle is nonsense. I am good at my job, I’m attractive, slim and I can do anything I set my mind to. I deserve to be happy and feel good about myself.

5. Ending the cycle takes time. Before Christmas I was binging three or four times per week- since starting this blog I have binged three times. Three times in almost a month. That is great progress, for me. Lent starts in February and its quite a big thing here-though most people don’t believe in god or go to church a lot of people renew New Years resolutions for lent. I know I will have support with my goals for those six weeks because lots of us will be in it together. My goal is to be binge free totally by then, that way I can focus on eating a healthy diet and sticking to an exercise plan.

Getting back to being terrified of weighing myself, I just can’t face it. I hate even the thought of weighing myself. I hate it for the reasons outlined in point 4. This has gone beyond a joke. I’m a grown up afraid of a scale, seriously. I could weigh anything with a ten pound leeway, that’s bad I’m in denial at the minute- no I haven’t gained weight/ I don’t look like I gained weight/ my clothes still fit. I have to be honest and have accountability. My plan- shower and change in the mornings in the bathroom with the scales, not in my en-suite. I’m sure the bf will be happy, I’m not waking him at the crack of dawn, every morning. I am also going to join a nearby gym in February once I get paid. It’s cheap enough €200 euros per year- I just hope I can use all gyms in the chain, one gym near work and another near home.

My gosh this is a long post but to be honest, I need the therapy!

This is out!!


This is in !!!


I am going to start what I ate Wednesday’s!

16 Jan

Hey! I’ve decided to start what I ate Wednesdays. Wiaw is common enough with bloggers whereby you photograph exactly what you at on Wednesday and post it to your blog. The one catch , today I didn’t photograph any food so I will start tomorrow with a what I ate Thursday!

Tonight I’m off to see les mis, can NOT wait! Wahay cinema special €5- what a deal!

Might weigh myself soon, though, I fear I may also chicken out. Stupid weighing scales, numbers are meaningless but still have a major grip on my mood. Ugh.

Still on the job hunt, 5 applications to date so hopefully, something will crop up soon. 😀 xx

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