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Bizarre I don’t need sweets

19 Feb

Im starting to feel as though I don’t actually need sweets/biscuits/chocolate. I still want them but its not totally overwhelming like it was before!

I think a help in the attitude change was a radio news bulletin I heard yesterday. It stated that the calories listed on packets are underestimated by 30%. Virtually all packaged foods underestimate the calories content. That combined with the horse meat scandal has just turned me off processed food. Who knows what you’re eating!

Now that being said I’m still eating too much I feel like I’m a blow fish that has just puffed up… Ugh!!!



I went for interview Today!

18 Feb

I got called for interview today, oh gosh. I think the interview went well, I genuinely believe I would be good at the job. But hey I’m not the one doing the hireling so who knows. I absolutely comfort ate (non sugar) before the interview, feeling pretty guilty and fat now, not going to over stress about it . What’s the point? An interesting thing happened tonight though no craving after dinner, like at all.


Here’s a pic of my interview get up. 🙂

Dream job slips through my fingers

8 Feb

Cardiff was great but they day before we left, I got called for interview. I got an interview for the absolute dream job. Ten minutes drive from my house, work I have experience in and would enjoy, full time and permanent. They were holding interviews over the only two days I’m not in the country. What?! Noooo.

So I’m missed out and now I’m a touch depressed. :(…. And that means binge territory. I’m truly an emotional eater, I never really understood this before.

Until about Christmas time I never really thought about my eating habits, now I know I’m an emotional mess.

Feel a bit crappy now, I want to be healthy and happy but my eating habits are turning me into a total wreck.



Arriving at work only to be sent home.

5 Feb

It snowed last night, yay, if you live in any country, but Ireland. We’re never prepared for anything here, roads not gritted, motorways full of cars going 50km per hour and city roads completely clogged. I guess the country motto “ah sure it’ll be grand” it extremely fitting. I must say I’m a bit of a hypocrite, last night in my home from work I put on my windscreen washers and they were out of sudsy H2O. What did I do? Fill them immediately? No, I uttered the aforementioned phrase to myself and carried on, needless to say, my windscreen was a total wreck on my way to work this morning. I had to pull over on the country’s busiest road ( okay its only a four lane-er, we’ve got small roads here) to fill up with a handy, half empty, sports bottle of water. Not safe, not warm and so so silly.

It took over an hour to get to work on fairly treacherous roads, only to find three pharmacists already on duty. 😦 I was sent home. Which is good in a way, but I don’t have a lot of work currently so each day helps.

Any who I made the most of it, I went to the gym for a nice light workout, I got my hair did and I donated blood. Yay me! Such a lovely day.


That’s my new hair, I got a four inch chop! Then I had my packed lunch at home and it was yummy salad with a lovely big dollop of pesto!


I’m off to Wales tomorrow for two nights can’t wait!

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