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Round two is going really well

17 Feb

Wow I’ve been doing great not half the cravings I had the last time I tried no sugar. I have been doing well and feel good. Wahay. I still have a long way to go. I don’t feel as good as I wish too I don’t eat as “healthy” as I wish too, mainly due to simply eating too much and grazing. Even though the grazing is non sugar it tends to be nut, carb and dairy heavy. Basically I’m eating calorie dense foods, which will not help me reach my weight loss goal. I guess I will have to find my feet before I can make real changes in this area.

Gymed it today but my left knee is so sore, no idea why. When I run I usually go at about 9-9.5km/hour with and incline of 1-1.5. I can walk along fine or jog very lightly but once I go to my normal running pace my knee goes funny gets sore and I have to hobble along until the treadmill stops. I warm up well and stretch before I start running, and I’m not running like mad all the time so I just don’t understand it.



Arriving at work only to be sent home.

5 Feb

It snowed last night, yay, if you live in any country, but Ireland. We’re never prepared for anything here, roads not gritted, motorways full of cars going 50km per hour and city roads completely clogged. I guess the country motto “ah sure it’ll be grand” it extremely fitting. I must say I’m a bit of a hypocrite, last night in my home from work I put on my windscreen washers and they were out of sudsy H2O. What did I do? Fill them immediately? No, I uttered the aforementioned phrase to myself and carried on, needless to say, my windscreen was a total wreck on my way to work this morning. I had to pull over on the country’s busiest road ( okay its only a four lane-er, we’ve got small roads here) to fill up with a handy, half empty, sports bottle of water. Not safe, not warm and so so silly.

It took over an hour to get to work on fairly treacherous roads, only to find three pharmacists already on duty. 😦 I was sent home. Which is good in a way, but I don’t have a lot of work currently so each day helps.

Any who I made the most of it, I went to the gym for a nice light workout, I got my hair did and I donated blood. Yay me! Such a lovely day.


That’s my new hair, I got a four inch chop! Then I had my packed lunch at home and it was yummy salad with a lovely big dollop of pesto!


I’m off to Wales tomorrow for two nights can’t wait!

Finally got out and exercised!

3 Feb

Sometimes I actually love working out, today for instance, I’m on cloud nine. You’ve got to love those endorphins!

I got up early enough headed over to the gym, signed up and got right to it. First I warmed up and stretched a little. Then I hoped on the treadmill and this was the result.


I know for many people this would be an easy run, but for me it was hard. Note the rolling hill program! Damn, did I look good when I got off the treadmill. Well, I had a beetroot face and white mouth, so yeah, hot stuff. oh well, I like to think, if you still look good after a work out, you are not working hard enough!

Then I did the four minute workout I talked about yesterday, but I only did a a lunge/squat alternation. Then upper body, push ups, core and more stretching. It honestly felt great. I can’t wait until I am able to run a 10km with my pals and keep-up.

Food wise things are okay, I’m doing fine but I know, I will have to step it up if I’m going to see any real changes to my relationship with food or my body.

Work out motivation

2 Feb

I arrived at the gym today at 5.30, and guess what?! The gym closes at 5.30. Sucks for me. Ugh. I was REALLY looking forward to a sweaty session. Ah well, I’ll head first thing in the am.

I really have to get in shape for the 10km I’m going to do in April. I must also buy my entrance to the race, along with paying my rent, car tax and two month electricity bill, all of which are due this month. Why is it that expenses seem to come at once?

So plan for tomorrow is 7km walk run on treadmill, with up and down incline. Then strength, apparently a 4 minute routine, of 20 seconds intense, 10 seconds rest. So the plan at this stage is to do the four minutes like this: squat, lunge, high knees, squat, lunge, high knees, squat, lunge. Then ab work and free weights.




Spa breaks and sports bras

28 Jan

Wow, I had such a lovely break with the girlies! It was truly amazing. The hotel was disappointing, the staff were not trained the best and overall the hotel was a bit cold and lacking. Having said that that spending time with the girls was fantastic.


The spa was beautiful, hot tub, massage showers, aromatherapy waterfall, sauna steam room….. Aaaaah so relaxing.

Food wise I did indulge in some calorie laden food but feel good about it. I really enjoyed my weekend. We went for a bit of a shop, this morning, I bought an exercise top and a sports bra. 10km training here I come.

Freezing Friday and Saturday

19 Jan

My goodness it’s cold here. Brrrrrzzz. I’m made these cookies from sugar-free mom I don’t think I put enough sweetener in them but I put a raspberry on top! Yum.


I tried to put it in as a link, all fancy like but couldn’t. Har! When I was on her website I remembered that, I also made the apple whole meal muffins for breakfast for work a while back and they were great. Might make those again.

I also did a couple of workouts from YouTube on of which was this. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PWEdJRRndkQ

It was actually very very good.

Next week for my lunches I’m going to bring a cauliflower and veg curry I think. I reckon I’ll need something hot, spicy and comforting, given that snow is forecast.

I’ve got my electric blanket on and ready for a real snuggle up. Night! X

Will this get easier?

30 Dec

Today has been insanely difficult.. Ugh. I guess I started to binge but pulled myself back. If I could only get control over the binges then everything would become easier.

I can see I’m not fully ready to quit sugar out of my diet completely but I’m on the road, I will get there. first, I must begin by breaking some old habits.

Weetabix and low fat milk for breakfast with a handful of rice crispies lunch was turkey breast humus and carrots and an apple dinner will be served up at the boys house so ill eat what I’m given. I exercised today on the plus side- 8km brisk walk and strength training.

I had two episodes of giving to bingeing; one was two biscuits and another was a weird medley, totalling about 250 calories. This for me is excellent usually once I start I just can not stop. It’s fantastic that both times I reigned myself in, that being said the binging has got to stop and I’m sure that I am able to do it. Now more that ever I truly believe in myself!

Day two…. Come on I can do it…

29 Dec

Day two no binge! Woohoo I really wanted to binge today and did give in a little with some fruit cake- which was the only sugar or refined foods I had today. For me that is a total success absolutely delighted with myself.

Break fast consisted of One weetabix with low fat milk and a small bite of lean turkey. Lunch was a medley no sweet stuff and largely healthy, snack of apple and fruit cake, dinner pork and bean casserole.

I worked out a bit and kept very active- shopping in the sales. Got some serious bargains. Whoop

Weighted In this am – 8 st 11 lbs 😦 i don’t know how that happened but hey Im going to be fit and healthy from here on out!

Tomorrow won’t be so easy on my own all day ill be dying to binge…

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