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13 Feb

Day one again, Alls well today. Absolutely wrecked after work! I was supposed to go to the gym tonight but decided against it. I arrived home after 8 and just wasn’t feeling it 😛

Anywho, breakfast 7.30am was three almonds and two hard boiled eggs.



Snack at about 12pm was small bag popcorn


Lunch at about 2pm was a salad similar to the picture, lots of greens chicken ham and basil pesto.


Dinner was about 8.30pm whole wheat pasta with veg and a vegetable tomato sauce.


I also had a snack of a cracker with cheese.


I’m looking forward to tomorrow, the bf is cooking! 🙂



Still eating too much

23 Jan

I’m not binging but eating waaaay too much. I just grazed and grazed So the wiaw is a touch… Inaccurate! To say the least.

Breakfast; protein pancakes, yogurt green tea water.


Lunch banana and quinoa, cauliflower curry.


Snacks among many other things two apples.


Dinner chicken stir fry


I know where I want to go I know how to get there but just can’t seem to manage it… 😦

Woohoo back at it

15 Jan

Woohoo, I’m back. Yesterday was a complete sugar free day. There’s no stopping me now. I got some protein powder with no added sugar so now I can increase protein and hopefully reduce my carbohydrate intake a bit.

Breakfast was chocolate whey porridge. Lunch is salad and hummus. Dinner will be whatever and a home made no added sugar cookie and an apple.

Feeling good about it. Even got some new work out gear to encourage a little exercise ! Xx

Lets be honest I binged!

13 Jan

Okay I’m going to be honest with you, and with myself I ate sugar (intentionally) on Friday night. It was a small amount, I was happy with eating it and all was well. The next morning I binged, not totally crazy like before but a binge. I had some sugar on that binge. 😦 Not happy!

Now, I’m completely back on track but feel awful. I feel so fat. I know I have not lost weight since I stopped eating sugar , that’s okay with me. However, since the binge I feel gigantic, uncomfortable and all around terrible. It just makes me want to binge again. Why? All I want is to eat healthily, but I crave a binge. I think it’s self sabotage, my confidence wavers and I think I don’t deserve to be thin.

It’s just ridiculous, I will not spend my life on this binge, no binge, binge cycle. It’s over for me. I can truly feel the hold binges have on me becoming loser. I can stop my self mid-binge now which is great.

Toast marmite for break fast, chicken dinner for lunch with fruit after and a small dinner will do. I walked 6km in about an hour, so got some exercise in.

Ugh feeling fat. Want to feel slim. 😦

One week in

12 Jan

I was toying with the idea of allowing my self one small sugary treat, every once an a while. In the end I gave in and had a biscuit bar. I really enjoyed it, didn’t binge and just ate it and moved on. A box of choc’s was even opened later in the evening and I really didn’t want any! Success.

Until the next morning, my sugar cravings were soooo bad! It was not worth the little treat. I’m still on the regime still not having sugar. But that was certainly a road bump. My cravings are subsiding and resisting binges is becoming a whole lot easier, so I’m will to keep on going.

I am going to buy some protein powder to use in breakfast recipes, currently 65% of my diet is carbohydrate based- not too good! I’m hoping that more protein at breakfast will keep me fuller for longer and aid in some weight loss. To be honest though, I’m not that bothered about weight loss I just want better control over my diet and to improve what I’m eating.

Busiest day ever no time for temptation..

4 Jan

Oh my was today busy. Run off my feet doesn’t even begin to cover it. At least there was not a spare moment for over indulgence. I have to say I absolutely love my job!

Breakfast was two weetabix with skim milk Lunch consisted of whatever leftovers were in the canteen I had one slice of whole grain bread with cheese, an apple and two handfuls of whole wheat no added sugar cereal. I also had another apple as a snack later on. tonight dinner will be spaghetti Bol healthily made and a small portion.

That said after all of my running around today I’m absolutely starving. it’s been a good day enjoyable productive and pretty healthy.

Had a binge last night

3 Jan

I have to admit I binged last night cereal Christmas cake and a biscuit. Not a big binge, not like I used to but still a binge. I couldn’t stop and I’m quite sure I wouldn’t have only the by boyfriend came into the room . It was a small binge but I have never felt so bad afterward . Just disgusting horrible in every way it was awful and I could not explain my change in mood to my boy friend. Oh gosh it’s really put me off binging, Yuck.

Today went well I did a long brisk walk. Porridge and a banana smoked salmon veggies and pitta for lunch veg curry and rice for dinner .

I know I deserve better that to feel crapy about myself all the time. I’ve worked hard and accomplished a lot in the last number of years.

This is just another obstacle.

Keep on going

2 Jan

Today has been good, however, I am still eating a small amount of refined sugar. Sadly, I can’t quite bring myself to cut it out altogether. I seriously wish I could find the determination to stop but for right now I’m working on breaking the binge cycle.

Habit breaking has been going well, I’ve managed a full week (major) binge free. I’ve slipped up, but pulled it back. Can’t wait to be free from this awful, harmful cycle. I will free myself!

Today, Breakfast was porridge half a banana, lunch was smoked salmon with veggies a no added sugar yogurt and apple, dinner will be healthy homemade fajitas. I also had two biscuits, which I didn’t want but couldn’t resist.

I seriously hope this gets easier because its very hard now. 😦

Will this get easier?

30 Dec

Today has been insanely difficult.. Ugh. I guess I started to binge but pulled myself back. If I could only get control over the binges then everything would become easier.

I can see I’m not fully ready to quit sugar out of my diet completely but I’m on the road, I will get there. first, I must begin by breaking some old habits.

Weetabix and low fat milk for breakfast with a handful of rice crispies lunch was turkey breast humus and carrots and an apple dinner will be served up at the boys house so ill eat what I’m given. I exercised today on the plus side- 8km brisk walk and strength training.

I had two episodes of giving to bingeing; one was two biscuits and another was a weird medley, totalling about 250 calories. This for me is excellent usually once I start I just can not stop. It’s fantastic that both times I reigned myself in, that being said the binging has got to stop and I’m sure that I am able to do it. Now more that ever I truly believe in myself!

Day two…. Come on I can do it…

29 Dec

Day two no binge! Woohoo I really wanted to binge today and did give in a little with some fruit cake- which was the only sugar or refined foods I had today. For me that is a total success absolutely delighted with myself.

Break fast consisted of One weetabix with low fat milk and a small bite of lean turkey. Lunch was a medley no sweet stuff and largely healthy, snack of apple and fruit cake, dinner pork and bean casserole.

I worked out a bit and kept very active- shopping in the sales. Got some serious bargains. Whoop

Weighted In this am – 8 st 11 lbs 😦 i don’t know how that happened but hey Im going to be fit and healthy from here on out!

Tomorrow won’t be so easy on my own all day ill be dying to binge…

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