Preparation for tomorrow

12 Feb

okay after yesterdays post I have decided that I have to get a hold on things. I started this blog at the end of December  in that time I have accomplished a few good things; I eat very little sugar, I eat more nutritious food and I rarely binge. Fantastic! but I am not there yet.  Tomorrow, lent begins. In this country lent is almost like new years in that people make resolutions, give something up or take something up. People tend to  give up sweets, crisps, alcohol or cigarettes or take up an activity/sport. I chose lent as my second start because I will be easy to explain; “No thanks, its lent”.


So my goals are as follows:

  1. No sugar
  2. No saying nasty things about myself
  3. Only eat when I am hungry, no boredom eating, no binges!
  4. Exercise three times per week
  5. Document what I am eating

One exception is that is someone has cooked a meal for me I am not going start asking whats in it. I wont eat desserts or sweets people have prepared but I’m not going to worry about “savory/healthy” food prepared by someone else.


No go food list : All Fruit, Added sugar of any kind,  Artificial Sweeteners, Candy, Cereal, Fruit Juice, Fruits,

Honey, Seitan, Soy,  White Bread, White Flour, White Rice, dried fruit.


Go to foods:  All Herbs,  All Vegetables, Avocado,  Beans, Beets, Brown Rice,  Coconut Oil,  Eggs, Fish,  Lemon and Lime, Nuts

Olive Oil, meat, quinoa, vegetables, salad, dairy products.

Mainly I want to feel good and to be happy.  🙂



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