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Blah Thursday

31 Jan

Oh my goodness I need more work! This has gone beyond a joke, I have so few days now I really need some cash money money. Two pharmacists in my chain have handed in their notice and I’m hoping that that will equate to more hours for me! I also applied for the “dream job” today. I might get to interview if I do, that job is mine!

On diet front things are fine binged there a few nights ago I think because I was getting concerned about work and that, but hey, it’ll all sort itself out over the next few weeks.




30 Jan

Hi all, couldn’t bring myself to blog yesterday. Ugh. Back to work today, which was good. I’m lucky to actually enjoy my job. With out further a due, wiaw.



Protein shake , lots of hot water and tea on the go.



Corn cakes with tomato and avocado. Ala sweetcheeks.


Pop corn



Tuna, sweet corn, Greek yogurt with rye crackers and salad.

Later I will probably have a herbal tea and a few nuts.


Spa breaks and sports bras

28 Jan

Wow, I had such a lovely break with the girlies! It was truly amazing. The hotel was disappointing, the staff were not trained the best and overall the hotel was a bit cold and lacking. Having said that that spending time with the girls was fantastic.


The spa was beautiful, hot tub, massage showers, aromatherapy waterfall, sauna steam room….. Aaaaah so relaxing.

Food wise I did indulge in some calorie laden food but feel good about it. I really enjoyed my weekend. We went for a bit of a shop, this morning, I bought an exercise top and a sports bra. 10km training here I come.

Low Sugar drinking

27 Jan

Vodka soda water line juice berries


Road trip.

27 Jan

I’ve signed my self up for a 10km in April… Yes, for real. By April I will be able to run 10km! I can’t believe it, I can’t wait to be able to run and not feel like absolute death.

Going away for a night with two of my girlfriends. It’s a seriously fancy pants hotel and I can’t wait! It’s in a city about 2.5hours drive. I’m just so excited.

Still not taking sugar, the meal out last night was a challenge, we went back to a friends house after and there were tea biscuits and cakes. I wanted a biscuit with my tea but didn’t bother and then the craving passed. Woop!


Another good workout

26 Jan

Had another good run/walk/run, today so enjoyable. Strength training after too, had me feeling like a million dollars and cutting out the fruit has seriously helped me eliminate sugar and feel good/ not deprived about it.

Just heading out for dinner with some girl friends. I’m in the mood for fish, yumm, can’t wait!

Getting easier!

25 Jan

I’m doing so much better today and yesterday. I have stopped eating fruit and it has helped my sugar cravings no end.

I went to view a gym with the intention of joining in February and I’m for sure going to sign up. I can not wait. This morning I got up made a protein shake, drank coffee and a litre of warm water. Then I headed out to the gym. I did a 3 minute run, 2 minute walk, warm up. Then jogged for 25 full minutes straight , and ten minute inclined walk. In total I did 6km in 40 mins, followed by some strength training. Absolutely loved it.


A no fruit day… WHAT?!

24 Jan

I didn’t eat fruit today, so happy wasn’t too bad had an evening snack of a cracker with cheese. Woop! Happy out.

Still eating too much

23 Jan

I’m not binging but eating waaaay too much. I just grazed and grazed So the wiaw is a touch… Inaccurate! To say the least.

Breakfast; protein pancakes, yogurt green tea water.


Lunch banana and quinoa, cauliflower curry.


Snacks among many other things two apples.


Dinner chicken stir fry


I know where I want to go I know how to get there but just can’t seem to manage it… 😦

Hanging on in there

22 Jan

Just hanging in there a few days in work got taken back so I have fewer days in work this month 😦 hello broketown. My cauliflower curry was hot, delish and kept my going! Weigh in 8st 11.4 this am.


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