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Will this get easier?

30 Dec

Today has been insanely difficult.. Ugh. I guess I started to binge but pulled myself back. If I could only get control over the binges then everything would become easier.

I can see I’m not fully ready to quit sugar out of my diet completely but I’m on the road, I will get there. first, I must begin by breaking some old habits.

Weetabix and low fat milk for breakfast with a handful of rice crispies lunch was turkey breast humus and carrots and an apple dinner will be served up at the boys house so ill eat what I’m given. I exercised today on the plus side- 8km brisk walk and strength training.

I had two episodes of giving to bingeing; one was two biscuits and another was a weird medley, totalling about 250 calories. This for me is excellent usually once I start I just can not stop. It’s fantastic that both times I reigned myself in, that being said the binging has got to stop and I’m sure that I am able to do it. Now more that ever I truly believe in myself!

Image 29 Dec


Day two…. Come on I can do it…

29 Dec

Day two no binge! Woohoo I really wanted to binge today and did give in a little with some fruit cake- which was the only sugar or refined foods I had today. For me that is a total success absolutely delighted with myself.

Break fast consisted of One weetabix with low fat milk and a small bite of lean turkey. Lunch was a medley no sweet stuff and largely healthy, snack of apple and fruit cake, dinner pork and bean casserole.

I worked out a bit and kept very active- shopping in the sales. Got some serious bargains. Whoop

Weighted In this am – 8 st 11 lbs ūüė¶ i don’t know how that happened but hey Im going to be fit and healthy from here on out!

Tomorrow won’t be so easy on my own all day ill be dying to binge…

Day one

29 Dec

Hmmmm today went well I didn’t binge, wanted to, but didn’t give in. Which in itself is progress.

I had weetabix and low fat milk for breakfast, hummus carrots and an apple for lunch, a baked potato and mince meat in home made tomatoe sauce with veg for dinner . All very good, happy out. However I also had another apple, a slice of brown bread and a biscuit.

We had such a busy and great day in work I’m not too upset about still not managing one day without sugar.

I’ll do a workout and weight in tomorrow.

Out with the old, in with the new!

27 Dec

I don’t know where to begin, I will do a long post discussing the comings and goings in my life that brought me to this point. For now I will just say this as of this am I am 8st 9lbs 5 feet 8 inches and fed up- I just can’t stop binge eating. Sugar is why I over eat and it’s awful I feel full bloated and guilty at least once a week it’s over. This is not about the weight loss so much as it is about regaling control of my eating behaviour…

Her goes!!!



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